Sunday, August 14, 2011

Muscovy duck advice?

The ducklings are due to hatch this week (unless I calculated incorrectly!) If anyone at there has raised Muscovy ducks and has advice for me, please fire away. There is a LOT of conflicting info on the internet: shallow water to swim in, no water to swim in (I know ducklings can drown); drakes eat ducklings, drakes ignore ducklings; and on and on! 

I would love to find a good book on Muscovies. I have the Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks but would like something specific to Muscovies.

Meanwhile, presuming all goes well, stay tuned for adorable duckling photos.


  1. Can't help you knat but I am looking forward to the photos!

  2. Really sorry we can't help either :( But, we look forward to seeing the little guys! Good Luck!

    The Chicken Keepers

  3. The only advice us Cats's prolly not very good.

  4. My advice: Beware of a Muscovy Duck's courtship, if you wish to know the Daddy.

    I'm sure, the kids will be cute no matter whom, or what, Knat.

  5. only know runners
    my advice keep mum seperate with babes.....and just have a shallow bath until they harden up!

  6. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Advice? Wait a few weeks then tender roasted, stuffed with haggis, with orange sauce and sugarsnap peas. (And before you chide me remember your last chicken dinner).

  7. I am looking forward to photos too! :)

  8. THank you CHicken Keepers! Your new chicky babies are adorable.

    Katnip Lounge kitties, there will be NO SAMPLING OF THE DUCKLINGS!!

    CLaude, who knows who the father is?!! :)

    John, I shall follow your advice.

    Andrew!! Don't you have a Mars Bar to deep-fry?!


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!