Saturday, August 06, 2011

Adventures in the lives of dogs

"Is it okay if we just squeeze in here next to you while you watch TV?"

 "That orange cat on the round chair is REALLY SCARY! He made big hissing noises and then took a swipe at Tristan's face! Once I scared the orange cat when he was sleeping in a blue recycling box, and he shredded my muzzle with his razor-sharp claws! He doesn't like dogs. I just don't understand it."

  "Whazzat? Whazzat?! Another scary cat??"


"Oh, it's just Alex! That's okay, he likes dogs. He lets us lick him and poke him and snooze right next to him!"

"Speaking of snoozing..."

"I need a nap. Tristan can keep an eye out for that mean orange cat!"

PS: I am really wondering about Blogger's "stats." They say I got 611 hits yesterday. Usually I get about 110, although during the Hen Haiku contest I was averaging almost 200 (thanks, Jams!) So I find the "611" figure a little odd!


  1. Boys, that's and Ornj Cat for you...temperamental, with added emphasis on the "mental".

  2. Aw, bless him! I love the photos of him dropping to sleep.

    Blogger did that to me the other week and I was thinking "Ooh, aren't I Miss Popular?" but it only lasted about a week then went back to normal.
    Funnily enough the last couple of days I've hardly had any, but I'm not going to think no-one likes me anymore. In fact now you've said this I bet you've got some of mine!

  3. Always wondered what the dogs were thinking. Now if you can only tell me what goes thru our little puppy's mind when we have a thunderstorm, and she somehow finds comfort in slithering into the bathroom and sticking her head behind the toilet.

    Anyway, I like your blog. It's funny. And educational ... now I know what a Clanger is!

  4. Thanks for visiting, Sightings. Cold comfort, perhaps? Har har. Poor little puppy!! And I'm amazed you found the Clanger on here. :)

  5. Katnip, the dogs just never bloody learn!! Julius sure is one temperamental Ornj kitty. One minute I'm massaging his belly (we call that "nipple-lation" around here!) and he's all purrs and smiles, the next minute he's clamping down on my hand with claws and his one remaining fang! :)

  6. LBM, I admit it. I stole all your hits! Hahahaha! ;)

  7. You put the photo of your gorgeous husband on a post, and you're surprised to get 611 hits? Have you looked at him lately? Smiling, mature, sophisticated... You're lucky you don't get 611 knocks (young and old) at your door!

    It could be also your ménagerie's monologues. I don't know where they went to school. But they could teach a thing or two, about common sense and wisdom, to some of our politicians.

    Congratulations, Mother Nat. You deserve popularity. And for more than one day....

  8. I love your dogs. The end.

  9. Poor daft dogs. I see Julius keeps them in their place!

  10. Claude, you sure put a smile on Gordon's face! :))

    And I think the cats went to the School of Hard Knocks!

    Jams, Julius keeps EVERYONE in place.


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