Friday, August 05, 2011


My friend Happy Wombat Boy found this Pardon My Planet cartoon for me!


  1. Great one - I guess that would be a triple yoker.

  2. Ha ha Knat, that is a terrible yolk!

  3. How clever of Mother Nature to ensure they don't lay eggs while in flight. She thinks of everything, does Mother Nature. But of course there may have been a few mutants that laid eggs while in flight, but they soon died out, for obvious reasons. Thanks, you have just given me a funny story for when discussing evolution by natural selection)

  4. Don't egg me on, fryends! I can pond more than one...

  5. I know just how she feels.

  6. Musical Gardener, good one!! Hahaha!

    Jams, you're just as bad as Musical Gardener.

    Andrew, it's fortunate they don't lay in flight or it would be a bloody mess.

    Claude, your puns are as bad as the others'! Love them! :)

    COg Dis, me too!


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