Saturday, October 23, 2010

Roosters of the week!

I've mentioned before that I like to put a "Hen of the Week" on each carton of eggs that we sell. I am still making my way through all the hens, but today I made three "Rooster of the Week" cards. Voilà!


  1. Anonymous10:07 am



    I love the biblical reference in "Lord Gaga" ...after that it all goes downhill... hahah. the picture is excellent ... his eye kills me. :D

    and they just get better! "alcoholic matinee idol" HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

    "everyday without sex..." "Avian lounge lizard" WAAaaaaaHAHAHHAHAHHAHHA "seduction skills of a serial killer" I'm CRYING...HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH ...and his face is so psychotic. i think i've actually SEEN men like that HAHAHAH....fortunately haven't dated any. :DDDD ...

    these are toooooooo funny Knat ... you have definitely captured their every subtle and not so subtle characteristics!

  2. I am SO glad we got some roosters. They are full of character and so beautiful too. But Beaker really is a little wanker...

  3. Yegods they could,be centrefolds in Playchick

  4. Playchick, BRILLIANT!!

  5. Lol, Playchick!!

    I love the rooster cards!

  6. I never realised what a gorgeous specimen Errol Flynn was..and so secure in his masculinity.
    Hey..nothing is wrong on being named after a mupppet. They get a lot of affection, if you get my drift.

  7. Elisabeth, hahahaha, you are so right about the muppets! ANd Errol really is super-handsome.


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