Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall colours

The other weekend, we went to the "Festival des couleurs" (festival of fall colours) in Rigaud, Québec, which is a beautiful little town about 30 minutes from here.

This is the road into town, lined with beautiful deciduous trees.

There was a farmers' market at the festival, as well as artisans and various animals. Here are two adorable alpacas from Ferme Camino (Camino Farm):

They were selling lots of beautiful products made from alpaca and llama fibre. Gordon tried on some hats and ended up buying one that I didn't get a photo of:

Meanwhile, a lovely horse-drawn ice-cream wagon was making the rounds!

Lots of interesting stuff through the arches...

... including this adorable three-legged Italian Greyhound, bundled up against the cold!

An iron artisan was demonstrating his craft..

As was a glass artisan!

There were lots of farm animals and a petting zoo. I love these Silkies:

We had a great time and bought lots of edible goodies: hot sauce from the great Peppermaster store, fresh apple juice, organic bread, maple syrup dessert wine, croissants... I think Québec may just be the yummiest place in Canada.

The drive home was pretty.

A late harvest of hay in the fields. I think many farmers got three cuts of hay this year because the summer was so good.

Fall colours everywhere!

A small farm and the ominous manure-spreader tank. Always smells pungent around here when they are out in the fields with these things!

Rigaud has a fabulous weekly farmers' market from June to October that I plan to attend regularly next year. It's worth the drive from Montréal too.

Autumn is a great time of year around here.


PS: Guest-poster was very happy with all your comments on his Lithuania post, and plans to do another post very soon!


  1. Anonymous11:01 am

    What lovely pictures! My brother and SIL plan to get some silkies.

    I know all about those manure spreaders--we have fields 2 block from my house, and we sure know when the manure's been spread! I guess we should be glad it's not horrible chemicals.

  2. Dave and I have been thinking about a roadtrip to Quebec next summer (I really want to see Quebec City) but I think we may have to wait until fall - so pretty!

  3. Anon, I have to say I prefer the smell of cow manure to the smell of chicken poo. When I lived in BC, we were in chicken manure central... very nasty!

    I would like more Silkies. So cute!

    Wandering Cat, have you been to Quebec City? I love, love, love it. I want to go back to Carnaval again. It's beautiful there at any time of year.


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