Saturday, October 02, 2010

My life has gone to hell in a handbasket and my poor blog is pining for me...

Here are some photos I took two weeks ago at the Harvest Festival at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum in Dunvegan, Ontario. We go this event every year and it's great. I thought you'd like to see some pictures of the horse parade:

These horses are beautiful but I'm glad I wasn't a pioneer crossing Canada in a covered wagon!

This lovely one (milk wagon I think?) is from the little grocery store in the nearby small town of Williamstown.

What a gorgeous pair of horses!

Note the dog in the wagon, enjoying the ride!

Three cuties!

Don't they look fine?

Handsome young farmhands and their equally handsome horses.

Totally adorable!

Majestic, aren't they?

All dressed up and nowhere to go. I love that guy's stovepipe hat!

Clydesdales, I believe. I am a huge fan of draught horses.

Can you spot the enthused doggy?

We met up with our friends Ronna and Richard, who were apparently posing for a Pepsi ad. I have NO idea what Gordon was drinking... you be the judge!


  1. Lol, your post made me laugh! I love all the horses, especially the clydesdales. I love big horses, the bigger the prettier to me. I have yet to figure out how to tell Randy I'd like to have some here at the farm! All in good time... I also loved the final pic of your friends Ronna and Richard and their Pepsi cans, and Gordon. Gordon looks like he has a little something alcoholic in his Pepsi! Impromptu pictures like that make for good comments!

  2. Anonymous11:56 am

    Gordon looks like he's been drinking Red Bull--it gives you wiiings!

  3. Lynn, I'll tell Randy for you and you can tell Gordon for me! :))) I love the temperament of the big horses.

    Yes, the look on Gordon's face, very... interesting! Red Bull, or something stronger? Or maybe it was just the Bratwurst he had for lunch!

  4. great post... but why is your life going to hell in a "handcart"????

    love the little ponies

  5. Wow some magnificent horse beasties!

  6. John, life has just been too busy and annoying lately and I have too much to do and not enough time to do it! But it seems to be getting better now. :)


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