Saturday, October 09, 2010

If you're a turkey, it's time to hide!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Canadians!

I took this wild turkey photo when we were living in Quebec back in 2007. But we are having chicken instead of turkey tomorrow. Please don't tell the kids down in the coop. The chicken upon which we'll be dining lived a happy outdoor life at the farm across the road before landing in our freezer.

I'm thankful for all you kind people out there who leave comments on my blog. You're the best!


  1. No thanksgiving here so turkeys get a break until Xmas!

  2. ....and a happy thanksgiving to you, too.

    we are all set up and running again in our new place and loving it.


  3. Enjoy your chicken and happy thanksgiving! I am counting down the days until I can have turkey....gobble, gobble!!

  4. What handsome turkeys!

  5. hope you had a lovely time.
    do you have cranberries too?

  6. Jams, lucky turkeys!!

    Did you have a big turkey, Willie?

    Shelley, you should celebrate Canadian AND American Thanksgiving!

    Ahab, I think wild turkeys are just gorgeous.

    John, I didn't get cranberries, alas, although they aren't hard to find in these parts.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Gordong! ..and thank you for many many wonderful blogs!

  8. Anonymous10:09 am

    Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope the henhouse didn't suspect anything.

  9. Not that - to my knowledge - I am a turkey; neither did I hid myself; I had but to be a bit busy with not visiting.
    Hope your turkey deserved a thanksgiving for its tasting deliciously.

  10. And here's the missing 'e'. :)

  11. What a great shot of the wild ones. They're so handsome. I've seen them in the fields here but not that close.

  12. You too Elisabeth!

    Merrily, we kept it all very hush-hush around the chickens. but really, I should be a vegetarian... it's hard to live with the shame!

    Thank you Sean!

    Fran, when we rented a house in Quebec for a year, the turkeys came right up under our windows. It was a little cottage on a lake in Val-des-monts, and there birds there were fantastic.


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