Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm dreaming of a whiiiiiite Hallowe'en...

...dreams come true, apparently!

And last night, Gordon cooked me a white dinner!

Despite appearances, it was delicious. Potatoes from the garden (mashed with the skins on), local cauliflower, and haddock from the east coast. I teased Gordon mercilessly about the monochromatic dinner, but really I am insanely grateful for his cooking. :)

And a memory from Hallowe'en 2005...

Who IS that alien knitter?


  1. It better melt or it's gonna be a loooong winter!

  2. We had just a sprinkle out here, thank you very much. But is raining now and very cold.

  3. Oh, I don't like the cold! But I'll take any kind of dinner that's cooked for me!!!

  4. Gosh, you've got snow already. We had lunch outside today!

  5. Anonymous1:43 pm

    I CANNOT believe it! It makes me cold just to look at it.

    I don't have to mention how warm it is here. well after all it is mx.

    And that dinner looks delish. I could eat an entire plate of those mashed potatoes. :D

  6. Yikes snow in October. Huzzah for the Gulfstream I say!

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Winter cant be there yet.
    Although I'd put up with snow if I got a dinner that looked that yummy.

  8. It hasn't melted yet, the day after!! No trick-or-treaters either. Usually we get three. N

    early 50, we sometimes get a dusting of snow around Hallowe'en, but it usually disappears. This stuff hasn't gone yet! The real snow usually starts in late November.

    Dr. Sloth, I could do with some Mexican heat right now.

    Jams, climate change is coming your way! STock up on parkas. :)

    Sugarcreek, I am absolutely NOT ready for winter. My brain is still in August.

  9. Wow, that is early snow. And I love the old costume. Very cool.

  10. It actually belonged to our "little brother" out in BC (we volunteered as a Big Couple for Big Bros/Big Sisters). It has lights on it that flashed on and off. Totally awesome. He was so nice to let me wear it!


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