Friday, October 15, 2010


Some of the new hens have just started laying teeny-tiny peewee (but still delicious!) eggs:

Can you spot the newcomers' little offerings?

Meanwhile, down at Wisteria Lane...

...Errol Flynn approaches Cupcake, Nadia and Chicky. Errol is the most mellow of the three roosters, but he still enjoys getting it on with the feathery ladies. Penelope appears to be his favourite conquest, although the harlot Chicky will put out for any of the boys!

I honestly had no idea roosters were so obsessed with sex! It's a daily triple-X lovefest down in that coop, especially in the mornings. When I went down to let everybody out yesterday, Errol Flynn immediately nailed Penelope Pigeonator. Then Beaker accomplished a monumental thing: he pinned and loved-up Cupcake, one of the big black Sex-Links (bad things come up when you Google that!) hens who have thus far resisted all roosterly advances. Cupcake didn't bitch-slap Beaker to the ground this time, and when they were done, she fluffed herself up and walked off as if nothing had happened! Cupcake may be a harlot-in-training.

Then Lord Gaga, (who as far as I can tell is presently supreme rooster), decided to hop on the Buttercup love-train. When Beaker saw this, he raced across to knock Lord Gaga from his mount! Well, I can tell you that Lord Gaga did NOT take kindly to this and proceeded to chase Beaker all around the henyard until Beaker wedged himself under the dead tree we have in the enclosure, safe from the wrath of the supreme rooster.

Clearly I am spending FAR too much time watching the chicken peep-show, but I can't help myself. It's hilarious!


  1. Lol, oh this was me a few months ago! I was amazed about the chicken sex! There was sex going on everywhere, all the time, and when a break in action occurred, there were fights for sex going on. Wow, who knew roosters were so horney? After a few months of that craziness, the hens' backs started to be so torn up I bought hen aprons for them all. Poor ladies. But that didn't slow the roosters, although it did protect the hens' backs. When we sold all but 2 of the roosters, things calmed down SO VERY MUCH. It seems they were constantly competing for sex action. Now they know who's boss and I only see them busy once in a great while.

    I love the little eggs - they are so cute!

  2. Anonymous6:55 pm

    "Oh-keh Natolee, you vant to tell der Doktor vhy you haf gotten dose roosters?"

    [Dr. Freud, in his soothingly dark office, settles back in his leather armchair, crosses his legs and places his notebook carefully on his knee, pen poised on the first line, adjusts his pince-nez and waits patiently for Knatolee to begin her tragic story...]

  3. You can almost imagine sleazy guitar music in the background. What an NC-17 rated coop!

  4. Small ones are more tasty?

  5. Lynn, I'm hoping the three boys will be able to live together without driving each other or the hens nuts. Right now, the three of them often perch together at night and mostly seem to get along. I have seen those hen aprons and will keep an eye on the girls in case they start getting torn up! Poor things. Lord Gaga is at least a bit of gentleman and usually does a rooster dance before he hops on board. Beaker and Lord Gaga seem to be working out who is boss, while Errol Flynn seems happy to take third place. He is pretty mellow (Plymouth Barred)

  6. Herr Doktor, I got the roosters because when I was a child... oh nevermind, let's not go there! Hahahaha!

  7. Ahab, it's fast approaching an "R" or triple X rating!!!

  8. Jams, they taste like the big ones but interestingly, the shells are thicker and the membrane inside the shell is also thicker, so they are harder to crack open!


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