Thursday, October 28, 2010

A day without chickens is like a day without sunshine...

...therefore, I am supplying your daily requirement of chicken photos! They all got out to free-range last weekend while we were in the garden doing chores.

Our most elegant hen, Georgiana the Duchess of Devonshire:

Yesterday she laid her first egg! I was told she was going to lay blue eggs but it just seems to be a lighter brownish/grey. It is tiny and we found it on the floor of the coop. She apparently needs to master the nest-box concept!

Sophie studiously ignores Lord Gaga.

Errol Flynn and Lord Gaga leg it across the lawn.

Lord Gaga is quite the gentlemen. He is the only rooster that I've seen doing a little mating dance before hopping on a hen.

Georgiana became a woman last week, thanks to Lord Gaga. She is the best wing-girl of the flock. I'm amazed at far and high she can fly.

Errol Flynn and Lord Gaga strut their stuff with Tina Turner and Buttercup.

Buttercup is Lord Gaga's favourite. Gordon calls her the Concubine. They are pretty adorable when they snuggle together. Here Lord Gaga has called her over to show her some delicious bug treat.

Buttercup may be Lord Gaga's favourite, but he definitely spreads his love around. He showed Georgiana a bug on the driveway.

I think Buttercup is #1 wife, Georgiana is #2 wife, and the rest are a herd of concubines.

Captain Caulky repairing cracks in the driveway. The chickens were not particularly helpful, especially when they stepped in the black stuff.

Sophie studiously ignoring Buttercup.

And the soybeans were harvested last week, lots and lots of them. Apparently it was a very good crop year, according to our tenant farmer Dave.

Unfortunately it has also been a bit wet yesterday, and Dave got the combine stuck in our dampest field. Two broken chains later, he finally managed to pull it out with his tractor:

And finally...

Tristan likes hanging with the boys!


  1. You know, the Duchess of Devonshire looks like a Romanov with her lovely head piece.
    Nice to see them having the run of the place!

  2. They are such beauties. One of our neighbours has chickens. THe cats are fascinated by them.. as if tey are forbidden fruit.. or at lest fruit that would bite back!

  3. "Captain Caulky"?



  4. Elisabeth, the DUchess is VERY regal! But she's sloppy with her egg-laying. WE found one on the floor of the coop and one out in the muddy chicken run!

    Jams, sometimes our hens free-range and walk right up onto our back deck, by the sliding glass door. The cats LOVE to watch them through the glass, but the hens get pretty upset when they spot the cats!

  5. HWB, what, you don't like Gordon's new nickname?

  6. I'm catching up on missed posts. Captain Caulky is quite the name! I love the final pic of the boys all out together!

  7. I have to say, the roosters get along very well. I am wondering how much that will change as they get older. Right now they are about five - six months old.


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