Friday, October 22, 2010

Frisky fowl

My friend Margaret says she has to get out her grandmother's fan to cool herself off while reading about our "frisky fowl"!

There is, after all, a whole lot of testosterone pulsating throughout the coop...

Errol Flynn really is the most laid-back rooster, but as a result he doesn't get as much action as the other roosters. I like to think he has manners, unlike the other two. His favourite hen is Penelope, but that doesn't stop him from approaching the older hens, who generally look upon him with disgust. Errol had the most spectacular comb and wattles of any of the chickens!

Beaker, by contrast, is an avian lounge lizard with the seduction skills of a serial killer. Tina Turner is looking suitably alarmed in this photo.

But really, you need cajones to take on a woman like THIS:

"I look harmless, but if you try to ride me like a filly, I'll knock your sorry rooster ass to the GROUND!"

Those Harco black Sex-Links hens, they don't mess around.

Charlotte, left, is admittedly my favourite and the most cuddly. I've never seen the boys approach her and I'm wondering if it's because they know she's mine mine mine (but not in THAT way!)

And here is the rooster trio of Lord Gaga, Beaker and Errol Flynn, with the delicate Georgiana snuggled up against them. Anastasia is in the background saying "La la la, I can't hear you!"

Let's leave the coop of iniquity and go for a walk around the farm...

The soybeans were harvested this week. I hear it's a good year for the farmers around here.

I love our beautiful barn! We have great plans for it. May it never be devoured by fire.

The fields, pre-harvest.

Soybeans (non-GMO, hooray) ready for harvest.

The last fall leaves on our lone sugar maple.

It has been a great year for mushrooms in our woodlot. I have never seen so many, and such a variety. Of course I will only eat the giant puffballs, since I know for certain they are not poisonous and have no lookalikes around here

I thought this splitting-apart 'shroom was pretty.

Beautiful fall skies. We may get wet snow tonight. Winter is nigh!

And the dogs are always happy with a walk!


  1. I would KILL for your barn!
    absolutely beautiful

  2. I've never eaten puffball mushrooms myself, but I've heard they're tasty.

  3. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Great photos, Natalie! What a beautiful place...

  4. The barn is beautiful, the whole farm is gorgeous! I don't want to think about snow yet!

    The chickens are funny, aren't they. We have 3 teenage cockerels and 2 pullets who are just coming of age. The cockerels are just starting to crow and fight w/ each other. That puts us back up to 5 roosters!!! No! I was liking having only 2 roos, Leggy and Muffin. I asked Randy to please "take care" of the 3 new boys, sell them or whatever, but he sort of said he likes them and is considering keeping at least 2!! So now I need to change his mind and make him understand! Our hens cannot handle that much rooster action! Lol!

  5. John, I adore the barn. We had the stonework foundation all fixed up last year, and a million screws put in the roof to tighten it up!

    Ahab, puffballs are quite yummy.

    TTPT, thank you! I love how everything changes with the seasons here.

  6. Oh no Lynn, just when you got your roosters back to a manageable number! Maybe Randy needs to build separate little rooster houses for all the boys, and let them take turns with the girls! :)

    I don't want to think about snow yet either... we didn't get any last night but regions around us did.


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