Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Work it, baby!

The chicks are growing like weeds..

Phyllis Diller, part Silkie, struts her considerable stuff!

"Colonel Saunders? I pecked the eyeballs out of his cold, dead body!"

Penelope Pigeonator works the garage runway as her agent looks on.

No greater love hath a man than for his cuddly chicken! Well maybe his wife, he loves his wife more. He'd BETTER love his wife more. And cake, he likes cake an awful lot. Especially carrot cake. And pumpkin pie, that rates highly. And butter tarts. And Nanaimo bars. And nooky rates highly too. But the chicken, the chicken is still waaaay up there on the love scale!
(But not carnal love, nonononono, that would be wrong in so many ways. Platonic, absolutely platonic!)


  1. That is one rockin' chicken!

  2. OK, but can she deliver?
    Know what I mean, nudge, nudge.

  3. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Ah, the love that dare not speak its name...but it can cluck it!

    (I think Blogger is allowing me to leave comments again with my WordPress ID--hurrah!)

  4. Who did that hair-do..rocking!

  5. The expression in that second shot has just the right amount of self- righteous alarm: "WHAAAAT did you just say to me?! The very idea! For shame!" A classic Hen's Teeth expression if ever I saw one. Then again, she sorta reminds me of Sharron Angle.

  6. Newsman, you'll have to ask Gordon. HAHAHAHA!

    Kirigalpoththa, we employ very exclusive and expensive hairdressers for all our chickens. :)

    TTPT, I just close my eyes and think of England.

    Loulou, it's definitely a classic hen look!


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