Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chickeez in the garage!

Here's the reason we haven't parked our cars in the garage for a month. The chicken tractor goes in there at night! When we brought the kids in yesterday, for the first time they all decided to leap out and perch on top...

Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. She'll lay blue eggs!

Phyllis Diller and Georgiana check out the camera.

The ever-dainty Buttercup II, who is a couple of weeks younger than the rest of the gang.

Lord Gaga and his girlfriend, Penelope Pigeonator. "Lord" Gaga was "Lady" Gaga until he crowed at me five times in a row.

Errol Flynn would like to be alpha rooster, but he is more likely beta.

Errol Flynn steps out with his lady friend Phyllis Diller.

Lord Gaga wonders if Tina Turner would like to go kayaking with him!

As you can see, they're all growing up fast. We hope to integrate them with the rest of the flock in a month or so, which should be very interesting!!!


  1. Your chickens are gorgeous! I love the names! Who is the alpha roo in this little group? Lord Gaga?


  2. It definitely appears to be Lord Gaga! He has a lot of attitude, likes to stand on the waterer and lord it over everybody. I looked up some instructions on bringing up nice roosters, and am trying to ensure Lord Gaga knows that Gordon and I are actually the true Alpha roos. :)

    The fun will come when this group meets the older hens, who will have to adjust to roosters in their midst.


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