Thursday, August 12, 2010

A short rural tour!

We've had another teenage girl visiting for the past week (from Toronto this time), so we've been a tad busy. Here's a brief rural tour for you!

My friend's llovely, llikeable llama: Bucky!

Adorable pig butt!

Adorable piggy faces!

I need a pet pig.

Baby barn swallows!

Alex and Naomi, at it again on the guest futon. I've since cleaned the comforter. Not all visitors appreciate cat hair!

Drugged on love!

Spot the bumblebee bum!


  1. Where's the farm? Where's the llama?

    I thought I saw a llama in a field full of sheep in Axbridge, but I'm not sure.

  2. Your kitties crack me up. My will occasionaly snuggle a little, but not like that!
    Love the pig butt - i think I need a pig too!

  3. Welcome STeve,

    The llama lives on the farm across the street from me (Canada, between Ottawa and Montreal) and the pigs are nearby at another farm! :)

  4. Wandering Cat, I really want a pet pig for the farm, even if the neighbours laugh at me!


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