Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Happenings in the henhouse

The chicks are doing well and growing fast, but it appears that Lady Gaga... actually LORD Gaga. He crowed at me five times in a row on the weekend. Explains his bossy attitude!

They love the chicken tractor our neighbours gave us! They spend the nights in a cardboard box in the garage, and the days outside. I have to figure out at what age we should be integrating them with the other hens. They are about 8 - 9 weeks old now.

The jury is still out on whether or not Phyllis Diller is actually "Phill." At least she hasn't crowed at me!

Errol Flynn (a Barred Plymouth Rock -- the black and white guy in the centre) is still his manly self.

Penelope Pigeonator likes the sunshine!

I keep calling Phyllis Diller "Kitten" because she's part Silkie, and the guy who sold us these chicks said that Silkies are great with kids and are like kittens (i.e. tolerate cuddling and handling.) Of course, if Phyllis turns out to be Phill, he's going to have even more of a complex if I keep calling him "Kitten!"


  1. Maybe crowing is just part of Lady Gaga's act! He/she is quite lovely, by the way.

  2. All your chickens are gorgeous! I love the silky long feathers! We start integrating our at a very young age - our chicks are only 1.5 weeks and Randy is talking about letting them out with the flock. I keep saying "let them be babies just a little bit longer!"

  3. Love the chicken drama - he/she? crows/crowns? Love it all! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Yeah, we're calling her LORD Gaga now!! And I think he's the boss over Errol Flynn.

    Razz, I think we're going to wait until the kids are about 16 weeks old to integrate them although I'm still debating what to do!

    Michele, there's ALWAYS drama in the chicken coop!


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