Friday, August 13, 2010

Is this a Cupcake I see before me?

My friend Ronna took this photo of me and Cupcake (at least, I think that's Cupcake!) when she and some other friends were here for supper recently. I stole it off her blog! You can see more of her pics of our chicks here.

Despite the fact that I look ever-so-slightly hammered (if it is possible to be ever-so-slightly hammered), I had in fact not yet had a drop to drink! No, I am just intoxicated with love for our hens. Really!


  1. Chickens will do that to ya. :)

  2. Ahh!

    Cupcake, Oh sweet hen
    lays me eggs for my breafast
    good food and beauty

    Greater love hath no woman than that for her chicken!

  3. Indeed they will, Ima June!

    Jams, another wonderful haiku! Thank you!!

  4. Cupcake is a cutie!

    I feel the same way about my silly birds, so I have the same ever-so slightly hammered look, too!


  5. Ahhh... so cute. I think Cupcake has you hypnotized. She is going to want you to give her more treats.

  6. But where's Chicky?

  7. I love that hen too! Cupcake is a great name - she must be a sweetie!

  8. She ALWAYS wants treats!

    Ronna, Chicky was off laying a tiny egg.


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