Thursday, August 26, 2010

Movie Poster Chickens

Gordon recently bought himself an original Dr. Strangelove movie poster, from our friend Dave at the fantabulous Posteropolis. Now, when Gordon and I started our love affair some 21 years ago, one of the first things he did was lend me his copy of Dr. Strangelove, telling me it was his favourite movie ever. Having never heard a thing about Dr. Strangelove, and having forgotten how A Clockwork Orange (a favourite of my humourless ex) made me want to run screaming from the theatre, I dutifully watched the flick from start to finish. All I remember is some grande finale involving a cowboy riding a nuclear bomb, all very phallic.

Let's just say that Gordon and I agree on many things, but the fabulosity of Dr. Strangelove is not among them. Consider it a miracle that after I gave Gordon back his videotape and made some polite remarks about how interesting the movie was, my love for him only grew.

The only good thing I can say about Dr. Strangelove is that it was made the same year I was.

But I digress, because really this post is about my latest Art Trading Cards. I haven't been to a meet for months because we've had a company-filled summer, but this Saturday I am damn well going to be in Dunvegan for the trading festivities. And so, with thanks to Dave for the inspiration of the Posteropolis website, I have created these Exploitation Flick Chick ATCS:

It's nice to know I can still make myself laugh until I pee!


PS If you're looking for great vintage movie posters and memorabilia, check out Posteropolis!


  1. It was more than 20 years ago; give Strangelove another chance!

  2. Ugh. I'll think about it. But I do like the poster!

  3. i hated it as a movie.....wierd eh? I so wanted to like is, it being a classic of its kind...but I HATED IT

  4. Thank God I'm not the only one, John!

  5. Haha I love the captions!

    I loved Doctor Strangelove but I hated 2001.. Chacun a son gout...

  6. Love your chicksploitation cards!
    Gotta watch Dr. Strangelove again...I don't remember it at all.
    (maybe that's a good thing!)

  7. I saw Dr Strangelove back in 1964 (?) with my then fiance, later ex-husband and only remember that final scene with Chill Wills, I think, riding the bomb. Peter Sellers was very big then (Panther flicks) so that helped make the movie popular. Nevertheless now I have your Georgiana ATC and you have my bride ATC (yes, THAT wedding in 1965) so in a strangelove way we're all connected.

  8. Jams, I think we decided that Dr. Strangelove was a guy-flick. :) You and Gordon are welcome to it, haha. I hated 2001 too.

    Fran, it WAS 1964 and it's funny how we both remember the bomb-riding scene!


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