Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It ain't all chickens around here..

Just in case you think it's all chickens, chicken, chickens around here, I have some bug photos...

A black swallowtail butterfly on some orange flowers, the name of which has gone off and died in one of my many middle-aged brain cells.

I'm sure this one of my girls, an Italian honeybee, hard at work. (Speaking of which, I have a honey post coming as soon as I get my sh*t together!)

Bumblebee on sedum.

Monarch butterfly and leaf on lawn!

Fall is in the air, although it's now a stinking hot 32C with a humidex of 38C. More stinking heat on the way! The heat needs to go away so I can dig up my potatoes without succumbing to heat exhaustion.


  1. Beautiful bee and beautiful butterfly photos Knatolee

  2. you certainly take lovely phtotos

  3. Thank you Jama and John!!


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