Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Garden flowers

My garden is currently a jungle in need of a machete (professional help is supposed to arrive this week!), but here are some close-ups of flowers from last week...

Yarrow. Can you spot the mystery camouflage bug?

Here's a close-up. Feel free to I.D.!

Phlox and goldenrod (the goldenrod is a sign that I haven't been weeding the garden enough!)

Mystery bee (?) on echinacea. Anyone care to identify it?

Another little bug coming in to sip at the oregano flowers!

Honeybee on goldenrod.

It may be a weed, but it's quite pretty and the bees love it!

More honeybees on globe thistle.

I think this is my bronze fennel, with yet another honeybee enjoying its flowers. No shortage of honeybees in my garden this year!!


And more echinacea (including a yellow variety.)

Crocosmia lucifer

Yet another honeybee on my borage!

Ahem. Honeybee on flowering oregano.

And now for something completely different. Sophie using her elephant as a pillow, while Tristan considers the wisdom of walking past her to get into my office!


  1. Glad to see we have plants in common. I love my globe thistles.. such bee and hoverfly magnets!

  2. Ah, Jams was quicker. Anyway, making assurance doube sure: The bee is a hoverfly.

    Lovely photos, Knatolee. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful flower photos. So nice to see the photos of the bees. I'm glad they are at your garden. I haven't seen one this year. The dogs photo is adorable.

  4. Paradise for your bees, and my eyes. Merci!

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous. Goldenrod is one of my very favorites. It's starting to bloom here in Virginia. When I see it, I know that fall is just around the corner. Your borage is wonderful!

  6. What a lucky thing you are to be surrounded by such beauty!

  7. Are you sure you were not an entomologist is your past life?
    Your garden is definitely a wonderful playground for them!

  8. Jms, aren't they great? My honeybees are still all over them!

    Thanks Sean and Jams for identifying the hoverfly.

    Callie, it's a shame you haven't seen bees. I wish I could send you some of mine!

    Mon plaisir, Claude!

    Genny, our goldenrod is out in full force now. Fall is on its way.

    Hoot-a-Too, you live in a beautiful place too.

    Elisabeth, I think I would have liked being an entomologist in THIS life! :)

  9. Nature Boy found the missing bug for you. It is a type of Ambush Bug (genus Phymata).

    I don't think it is the same species, but here is another to compare it to... http://bugguide.net/node/view/327000

  10. DEFINITELY an ambush bug. THanks, HWB!


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