Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring sprang, then ran away....

Yesterday the temps were up to 21C. The Spring Peepers were singing their song and the ducks were enjoying the fine air.

Then today, wham! 4C with snowflurries and a bitter wind. Spring in Canada! I'm officially sick of the cold.

But yesterday the ducks were quite happy. I have a fine bunch of birds here, if I do say so myself!

Most of them have just grown in lovely new feathers. Bianca's looking fine.

Whoever suggested I name that rear duck "Robert Downey Jr." was brilliant. Yep, that's his name now. The guy in front is Moishe.

Warren's feathers are looking really spiffy!

I love Jimette. She has a ton of personality. She always pecks at my legs when I walk near here, not in a nasty way. More a "Where are my treats? Give them to me now!" fasthion. She's one feisty duck.

The bees were going crazy bringing in pollen, which gladdened my heart.

They were in such a frenzy they ended up dropping a lot of pollen on the nail board in front of the hive. The board is there to discourage skunks from going up to the hive and snacking. They will visit at night and knock on the hive until some bees come out to investigate. Then they eat the bees, and repeat numerous times. Then the beekeeper goes in the next day and gets stung by a bunch of pissed-off bees!

It's great to see them foraging!

They sure weren't outside in today's bitter winds.

I unrapped the hives the other day but the entrance reducers (which keep the bottom entrance mostly block except for  a small hole) are still on, reducing the drafts.

It's supposed to warm up again on Monday and bring some sun. My fingers are crossed!


  1. "they knock on the hives 'til the bees come out and then they eat the bees." How does that happen? Don't they get stung? Why can't the bees defend themselves? Oh my gosh, I have so much to learn. feels like I dreamt that you guys were here. It went way too fast. Much like our Spring.

  2. I learn so many interesting things on your blog. Who knew skunks knocked on hives to get the bees out. And eat them! (I'll have to ask my beekeeping friends if Texas skunks do that.)

    Janet, revisinglife

  3. Anonymous7:25 am

    Oy, as much as I appreciate what bees do for the world, I am very afraid of them. I know, I know, I'm a wuss. BTW, if you have a Moishe, don't you need a Herschel too? The two names just sound so fun together.

  4. I love hearing about your ducks and your bees. Your miserable weather, however, is pretty much the same as my miserable weather. Sigh...

  5. Love the names on your menagerie... And looking outside here in southeastern Minnesota I not very heavy snowfall as well. I'm either going to go crazy or die of boredom cause I can't go outside into all this cold and misery!!!!

  6. From your lips to God's ear, as they say. I would love to put the flannels away.

  7. It's typical spring weather. We just haven't had the plus 21 or even close to it. I imagine the bees are anxious to get going.

  8. I do love your ducks. Looking in fine fettle with new feathers.
    Same here re weather, it teases us a bit then temperatures fall again.

  9. "Sring"?

    What manner of season is that?

    Whatever it is it clearly has its good points.

    1. I stand corrected! Although "sring" has a nice ring to it!

  10. The ducks do look wonderful and happy. Nice to see the bees out and about. They sure did have a lot of pollen on their legs.

    Hope it warms up here too and then we will send it your way.

  11. Your ducks are so cute! We are wanting to get ducks to live near our garden and help with pest control. Hopefully next year we can get some.

    So cool to see your bees bringing in pollen! We should be able to pick up our nuc sometime next week and bring our bees home. I'm so excited!

  12. I love the duck photos. The names are inspired. My parents had a friend named Moishe -- no resemblance.

    I wish I could read about the bees, but I just about have a panic attack when the pictures flash in front of me and I have to quickly move on. One of these days.

  13. I'm pretty much having the same weather as you and it is getting a little old! That's all news to me about the raccoons drawing the bees out and eating them. I guess they don't mind getting stung.


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