Sunday, April 07, 2013

Cats and computers

The other day, Emily found herself a rather expensive heated cat bed...

My Macbook Air!!

Apparently she likes the Guardian as much as I do. Here's the article I was reading.

Meanwhile, I caught Naomi shopping for her knitting needs at my fav yarn shop, Wandering Cat Yarns on Etsy, run by my friend Valerie and her Mom. They have excellent hand-dyed yarn and great sales!

Naomi really wanted to blow a wad on wool, but...

...I told her my yarn stash is already beyond what I can knit in the next five years! :)

Maybe it's time the cats learned to knit. Maybe it's time the cats learned to EARN THEIR OWN LIVING! Because they do sweet diddly-squat around here (unless you count puking on my new couch, or waking me from a dead sleep while trying to pry loose a wand toy stuck under a chair in our bedroom at 3 am.) There was a red squirrel in our BASEMENT the other day, screaming at the cats from its perch on the top of the stone foundation. The cats were doing NOTHING. Nothing. Why do I have a red squirrel in my basement when I have FOUR CATS, I ask you? I ask you!?

And on that note, I wish you all a wonderful week!


  1. I had a mouse in our pantry and lived with 5 young, healthy cats; 6 if you include Lily who was just home from having all her teeth removed. I would leave the door to the pantry open to see if maybe, just maybe, one of the cats would either scare the hell out of it or actually cause its' demise. Nothing...for days. Finally, toothless Lily stepped up to the plate and that mouse lay belly up quicker than a cat wags its' tail. That made the other 5 look even more useless.

  2. Tux was on my lap top the other night - and it was IN my lap - and I was on a deadline! So not helpful.
    I took him outside today and a squirrel went running across the fence. He looked at it - but not even a tail twitch or meow - he just glanced at it then turned his attention to eating the lawn

  3. Oh, the Guardian is a great read...when you can see past the furry blob sitting on the keyboard...we have the same problem!
    Jane x

  4. You really do have smart cats and you've taught them well.

  5. Oh my gosh...mine too! She even likes to sit on it when it's closed. She tried to help knitting the other night, but I had to explain, I didn't need any help. I'm reading a good book, "The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted" by Bridget Asher--excellent read. XOXO

  6. Red Squirrels occasionally scream at me from the trees. They think they own the bloody place!

  7. Perhaps the kitties had invited the red squirrel in! I wonder if they asked her to nap on the computer?!

  8. The image of a contented kitty always warms my heart!

  9. My laptop often keeps my tummy nice and warm during late night writing in bed on a cold night. Your photos make me realize that a much bigger laptop would allow me to appreciate the greater creature comforts that a little kitty can enjoy (but would not be very practical for surfing in coffee shops :) )


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