Thursday, April 11, 2013

Because I needed another hobby...

Guess what I did today?

Yep, played with lye! I like my stylish safety glasses. I was making soap again. I also made two pounds last Saturday with my beekeeping mentor and soap-guru, Pierre.

This is Saturday's batch. The bars on the left are "five-fold orange" scented (very orangey; it's an essential oil) and the other is a "white citrus floral" fragrance blend, with calendula petals mixed in.

I made a bit of a boo-boo with this batch. I didn't read the label carefully enough in the grocery store and bought an olive oil/canola oil blend instead of straight olive. Pierre helped me adjust the recipe to account for the canola. These soaps are a little softer than pure olive oil soap would have been, but they should be fine. I will let them cure for a month and hope they harden a bit more, but if not, they'll still be okay to use.

Today I embarked on my first solo soap-making venture. I was a bit nervous doing it without Pierre at my elbow! I did make one emergency support call to his iPhone:

"Pierre, the freezer paper you line the molds with.... shiny side in or out??!!"



Everything seemed to work out fine. I'll know for sure tomorrow when I unmold the soap. Today I made peppermint soap with vanilla specks for exfoliation, and anise soap. Can't wait to try beer soap for the menfolk!

I am totally hooked on this and am dying to make more. I ordered more essential and fragrance oils today and will soon have more soap than I know what to do with. I guess I will have to start selling it, once I feel confident it's not going to strip off anyone's epidermis.

Or I guess I could just shower four times a day...


  1. Wow - you are one talented lady. This is another thing I have never tried to do. I'm sure they will sell when you're ready since 4 baths a day will give you prune skin.

  2. Cool ! Many people do a lot of soap making. Tour house must smell pretty good.

  3. Do we have to call you 'Bubbles' from now on?

  4. One other thing you could do with all that soap would be to give it away in contests to your bloggie friends! :)

  5. Beer soap, mmmmhhhhh? No, I better stay with the real thing. You are one talented lady.

  6. Oooohh, one more thought about the beer soap. Don`t deprive Gordon of his pleasure. Or at least use stale beer if you have to.

  7. Maybe you are unconsciously making a statement about cleaning up the world. Goodness knows, it needs it!

  8. Great!!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  9. That dog needs safety specs too, and any cats nearby. Most laboratory injuries are suffered by people nearby other people's work, because they are the ones not taking precautions. A friend of mine lost an eye that way (not due to my work, fortunately, but another fellow's exploding glassware). I look forward to seeing the cats and dogs in their safety glasses, though keeping them out of the room may be easier. Andrew the chemistry lecturer

    1. Don't worry! I was making soap in the kitchen. I just came into my office (where the dogs were) to take a self-portrait! No lye was around the pets. :)

    2. And I've been mixing the lye out on the enclosed front porch (concrete floor) away from the furry crowds.

    3. Well that's all right then.

      By the way, there are chickens looking for you here:


  10. Mmm, five fold orange and white citrus floral sound lovely .....I've never tried soap making, but would love to give it a whirl.

    Claire :}


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