Wednesday, April 03, 2013

My blonde years...

I was blonde until about age 7, when my hair started to darken. I am scanning lots of old slides. My Facebook friends have already seen these!

I was thinking yesterday how it's unlikely anyone would want my big photo collection after I'm gone. I'm an only child and we have no kids, so where would the photos go? So I stick a few on my blog every now and then!

I like this one of me at age three. I look happy....

Me and Dad around 1969 (I was five.) I'm so glad that painting disappeared before I inherited it!

I've always had a thing for ducks. Is that white one on the left a Muscovy!?

And I find it interesting that my Mum gave me a knife and metal grater to play with. The house wasn't as filthy as this pic makes it look. The slide was faded and dirty. But there's no excuse for that wallpaper.

Me, my Dad and his mother (my Nanny) around 1969 at my Aunt's house. Dad was going through a chunky phase (for him.)

Napping with my beloved Nanny.

Reading in the garden with Mum in Agincourt (suburban Toronto) in 1970. 

At the site of our first house that was built in a new subdivision in Peterborough in 1967.

At my going-away party just before we moved back to Toronto in 1970. Kids didn't wear sunscreen in those days!! My Mum made my sailor dress.

Me and my best friend Dougie in Peterborough in 1970. I've always loved the rain, and hanging around with boys. :)


  1. Ever the beautiful face and radiant smile!

  2. You are so immediately recognizable in all these photos. You're still adorable! This made me smile and made my day.

  3. You haven't changed a bit :)

  4. Great photos and post!
    That first pic could have been me. Especially with the hole in the tights..

  5. That wallpaper, in pale shades of gold, is on my bedroom walls. But then, you mom and I probably are the same age. So interesting, initially blond hair turning dark. Mine did, and two of my siblings.

  6. Very nice memories and you look like a happy child.


  7. I love seeing the old photos--you could have been a child model with those golden curls and beautiful eyes. A very happy post! XOXO

  8. This is a great way to tell part of your story...wallpaper and all. There's some awful wall paper in my house right now. so keep telling stories.

  9. Wonderful to see your old photos. My daughter was born blonde and now is dark too. Bob was blonde as a little boy too. I think you look great as a brunette.

  10. What a cutie. I too was blonde, then mouse, then most of it fell out!

  11. You haven't changed a bit since then. You are still a cutie.

  12. What an adorable little girl you were!

  13. I was a blondie until I was about five. My nieces are holding on to their blonde a little longer, but the oldest (nine) is starting to get darker.

  14. Anonymous4:28 pm

    I love the expression on your face in that one with your Dad.

    I have one of me about age 3 that looks very much like the one of you in the swing. I'll have to look for it.

  15. I loved your memory lane trip, great photos, gorgeous child, they broke the mould!

  16. Great pics were a cutie, love the sailor dress.
    It's fun looking back at old pics......

    Claire :}

  17. What a great collection. I don't have any of my youth. Mom refuses to part with any.
    There are a lot of mixed media artists who love using vintage pics in their work. Someday they may end up in a masterpiece!


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