Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Day of the duck

The ducks think they deserve a blog post too. It has been awhile.

Although it's frigid today, with a bitter wind and snowflurries, it was quite nice on the weekend. Everyone got outside for a bit of sunbathing...

That's Charlotte and Zydeco the rooster in the back.

Here's Warren, aka Vern, the Upper Canada Village duck who winters with us. He is looking fine! That's what happens when all you do is lounge under a heat lamp eating  organic feed.

The girls were hanging out around the water cooler.

Karène was sunbathing.

Twitchy and Zydeco were being manly.

Hello, Twitchy!

And this poor drake still doesn't have a name...


  1. I want to know who the girls around the water cooler were gossiping about. The girl in the centre has the most disapproving look about her,so I'm guessing it was juicy gossip.
    Jane x

  2. You should name the nameless drake Robert Duckey Jr.

  3. Warren has such shiny coat! He looks like his father was a Raven!

  4. Anonymous6:45 pm

    I vote for "Robert Downey Jr."

  5. The feathers on The Drake With No Name's head remind me of the uncle in the television series of The Addams Family - that pointed fringe/peak. What the heck was his name?

  6. Bet they enjoyed that sunshine. They look beautiful.

  7. Wonderful. John Doe Drake is quite charming. Twitchy looks like he's got whiskers in that last shot.


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