Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring weekend

It was a lovely weekend! Saturday night we had a great dinner with our friends Ronna (Poutine Queen) and Richard. Gordon was honoured that Ronna's 20-year-old cat Domino settled down on his lap for some lovin'. Despite appearances to the contrary, Gordon did not have her in a death grip!

Domino gets a milky cup of tea every night, made especially for her by Ronna. Lucky kitty!

Ronna made a fantastic cake (she makes a lot of fantastic cakes). This one was a veggie patch cake, with a line of carrots and a line of radishes (or beets!)

And when you sliced it, you found carrots and radishes (or beets!) growing beneath the surface:

Yummy yum yum! Ronna is a true cake artiste.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, and we spent it outside.

The black walnut trees next to the barn and a very blue sky.

Tristan the noble Vizslador (Lab/Vizsla cross!)

We have a bunch of fruit trees to plant, so Gordon worked on that. We got plums, pears, apples, sour cherries and flowering crabapples.

Tristan likes to help. He lay down next to Gordon and stared at the hole being dug.

My very good doggies!

The lilacs are blooming and they smell divine.

The hens were outside with us and the dogs all day, and were very happy to have a chance to run around (with us keeping an eye on them!)

And my young French hairdresser decided I needed a new hairdo...

It was a looong week, but a great weekend!


  1. What a cake!!
    You scooped Ronna on this one.
    What a beauty. I bet it was delicious.

  2. I wasn't going to put it on my blog cuz I thought it was a "mistake" cake. What with Richard saying, "What is that?" and me getting the little signs for the carrots and radishes wrong...I thought I'd just forget about it. You made it look kinda okay...

  3. Pshaw! Richard is blind. ;) It was fabulous, and we were still marvelling over it yesterday. Gordon was particularly impressed with the subterranean icing vegetables. (Me too!)

    I loved the chocolate cookie wafer "dirt"!

  4. Hmmm. Cake!

    And not that you don't always look spectacular, I really like the new hairdo.

    -- from the sunny States.

  5. Ronna, I too was quite impressed with the fact that you even thought to match the icing for the vegetables underground.
    I'll say it again: A thing of beauty.

    And Nat, you look lovely with your new do as always....

  6. HWB, what are you doing in the States? Have fun!

    Elisabeth, thank you! :)

  7. Anonymous2:50 pm

    The cake is VERY COOL!! I love the pic with the strawberries.

    and i love the "starkness" of the black walnut and noble viz pics :)

    oh and planting fruit trees .. i want to weep with happiness for that.

    LILACS!!!!! Ohhhhh LOVE them SO MUCH.

    the chickies are looking AWESOME!

    And your HAIR!! Cute cute cute!! did you get it colored also? ... is it easy to take care of?

    youse guys are so cute together .. see what i mean about the eyebrows???!

    having forgot my little memory stick thing at home and having to wait at the univ for someone, i have unexpected time to read your blog!! whoopeeee.

  8. Dr. Sloth, I am a hair-dye virgin. Never dyed it! But it looks dark in that photo, I agree. I hope my eyebrows are less bushy than Gordon's.

    It was so stinking hot this week that the lilacs are toast. :(

  9. the new do looks fab! =)


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