Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another nice walk...

We're having beautiful weather this week, and the dogs and I had a nice walk this afternoon. We saw lots of honeybees:

A hawk moth (aka hummingbird moth, aka super-cool moth!):

The dogs had a nice swim in the river:

Lots of frogs hopping about today:

Tristan had a dip in our algae-clogged pond:

And a non-rainbow rainbow... it wasn't raining, so there must be another name for this horizontal prism-thing in the sky. Anyone?

Meanwhile, Alex enjoyed a nap on the front porch.

A lovely day!


  1. Nice day! Its already steaming here in Atlanta. I am envious.

  2. Ooh I love that frog. It's a beauty as is the Humming bird moth

  3. All those photos are splendid and totally unique. Never see those sceneries on my Toronto walks. Thanks for sharing.

  4. LOVE the moth and that non-rainbow is awesome. I've never seen one like that!
    And do my eye deceive me or is that kitty a tri-pod? Before I got Tux and Peno I was about to adopt a tri-pod kitty, but he found a home just the day before!

  5. Wonderful photos Natalie. Sure makes the spirit feel wonderful when the weather is this lovely. BTW, love your new haircut in your earlier post. Suits you!

  6. Anonymous7:24 am

    Yikes--didn't that algae-covered swim take some serious cleanup afterwards? (Gave our dog a bath yesterday--no fun!)

    You have the most colorful frogs!

  7. It's a sun dog! I see them here all the time. It's like a mini rainbow! Love all your pictures, especially the frog, bee, and moth, and . . .oh, okay. I love all of them!

  8. I remember the first time I saw a hummingbird moth. I was a bit freaked out until I figured out what it was!

    Steph, hope Atlanta cools down a bit.

    Wanderingcat, that is indeed a tripod. Alex was found in a leghold trap (!) in Cornwall. Some kind soul rescued him and took him to the SPCA, where they amputated his leg. Six weeks later we adopted him. He's a very mellow, big guy.

    Paula, glad you like the photos and the hair!

    Claudia, you can still find neat things on Toronto walks, but you have to look harder. :)

    Marylee, the slime doesn't stick to the dogs (fortunately.) That pond comes from an underground spring. Eventually we are going to get a windmill to aerate it, but the frogs LOVE it there, as do the dogs.

    Genny, sundog, yes! I've heard of those. Thanks!

  9. Beautiful photos again. You have the Knack, Knat. And I noticed the same rainbow slice that evening.

  10. The Sundog is also known as a Fire Rainbow. Sometimes they're really vivid, but you don't see those too often. Or rather I don't see them often where I live. Sure is pretty though. :)

  11. Anonymous3:00 pm

    was it one of YOUR bees? how are they doing?

    love the transparent wings on the moth.

    the frog pic is INCREDIBLE!! they certainly developed quickly. I think Nige's are still tadpoles (at 54° north)

    i was going to say "sundog" also but several beat me to it! beautiful picture.

    Alex and the life of Riley. ;)

  12. "Fire Rainbow" is so beautifully descriptive! Thanks for telling me about that, Kristine.

  13. Fran and Dr. Sloth, thanks for the compliments.

    Dr. Sloth, my bees all died last fall so it wasn't one of mine, but i should be getting my new bees very soon.


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