Friday, May 14, 2010

New Bedford

Last Saturday, we visited historic New Bedford, MA, which made its fortune from whale oil. We spent quite a while at the wonderful New Bedford Whaling Museum. The whale skeletons hanging from the ceiling are really cool!

After the museum, we took a walk along the waterfront, where the scallop fleet was in port:

Colourful nets:

Gordon and his new friend:

We had yummy clam chowder at the Celtic Coffee House:

Sign on a boat:

We visited the Seamen's Bethel (chapel), immortalized in Moby Dick:

Not a pretty way to die:

The wonderful bow-shaped pulpit:

And back in Mattapoisett, a gorgeous azalea:

Poppies ready to bloom!

We had a wonderful weekend down by the ocean!


  1. Love the tour.
    On my next trip to Cape Cod, I'll make a point to stop in New Bedford!

  2. I LOVE that museum!!!


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