Friday, May 28, 2010

I took a bite out of the Big Apple...

I just got back from two nights in New York City, where I went to pick up the IPPY silver medal for the kids' book I illustrated, Katie of the Sonoran Desert. Here I am with my friend Brian and the arm candy employed for the event. (Very nice young man and woman!) The author couldn't attend as she is currently on a herpetological expedition in the Congolese jungle!

Brian and me amongst the revellers. I should employ Brian as my agent; he was talking up the book to everyone and making lots of intros.

Brian and another award winner, the highly-amusing and well-hydrated author of
L.A. Nuts!

Before the awards, we walked around NYC a bit. Brian took me to Times Square. "Arrest me, officer, on the crime of loving NYC too much!"

Times Square. Complete and utter chaos!

W. 43rd and Times Square... the lights are very bright!

Uncle Sam wants you, and so do I. The recruitment centre at Times Square. Because why else would you visit Times Square, if not to join the army? Although I hear Uncle Sam is not so keen on pink in his army. :((( One hopes that will change soon.

Me and Brian, who is not only a great friend but an excellent book promoter and a fabulous tour guide.

The very cool Westin Hotel.

Traffic cop in New York, a job I would NOT want!

I love New York rooftops!



That's the Empire State building peeking out against the blue sky.

Remember our visit to NYC last year, when Brian was entranced by the ad outside the subway entrance across from Carnegie Hall?

At the time, I attempted a re-enactment of the ad:

This year, it was Brian's turn:

(Click to enlarge to appreciate the full effect!)

I love New York, but it's always good to get home.


  1. Congratulations on the award! Looks like you had a wonderful exciting time in New York. I love the cover... such a scary rattler and such a darling hummingbird. Great art work indeed!

  2. I could almost live in new york..we have been 12 times now! lovely!!!!

  3. Thank you Callie! I really want to illustrate more kids' books.

    John, I can take or leave most cities, but I very much enjoy NYC and I find the people exceptionally friendly!

  4. Looks like a great trip!

  5. So glad that you made it in person to receive your award. What a wonderful day for you and so well deserved. You really should think about writing and illustrating your own children's books...say about chicken's and cat and dogs. There is a story in there that kids would love.

  6. Congratulations! That's a wonderful accomplishment for you! I love New York - such a great city for walking, exploring and people watching! Glad to see that you were able to receive your award in person - well deserved!

  7. Congrats again. What an awesome trip. I love to visit NYC.

  8. So fun to be your date at the awards! Ur a STAR!!! (which we already knew)

    Looking forward to tasting some of your fresh honey later in the season, along with a delicious omelette!


  9. Paula, my goal is start writing AND illustrating the books. I've put that off for too long! Funny, I had thought of chickens and cats as subject matter. YOu know me well! :)

    Michelle, thank you! I loved walking around NYC. I am looking forward to going back.

    James, thanks. I had a great time!

  10. Wandering Cat, it was! :)

  11. late, as usual, but congrats all the same! You look like you had a fab time =)

  12. Congrats on the book completion, and the award! That is so cool! I have always wanted to write children's books. It was been a lifelong dream, but now I seem to always be too busy...

    The picture tour of NYC is great! Thanks! :) But it sounds like a lot of traveling for just a couple days in NYC!

  13. THanks PP and Lynn, and Lynn, I know a good illustrator if you need one. ;))))

  14. thanks for the photo tour, made me all nostalgic. was surprised you said people are friendly. i always thought canadians were nicer than the new yorkers :)

  15. Hi Vak, thank you for visiting! My first visit to NYC was last year. I had always heard about the rudeness of New Yorkers, but now I've been twice and found only friendly people (except for the jerk at JFK airport security!) Maybe it's different if you live there. :)


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