Thursday, May 13, 2010

Off to the ocean!

Last weekend, we celebrated our 17th anniversary by heading off to Massachusetts. There we met up with my friend Lisa at her parents' house near the ocean, in the beautiful New England town of Mattapoisett.

It was a long drive (ten hours, including stops). We were still chipper at this point!

In upstate New York, we passed huge windmill farms that totally creeped me out. I could not live near these things!! Some were right near farmhouses and they were huge and menacing.

We had a delicious lunch at the Three Tomatoes Trattoria in Lebanon, New Hampshire. I had an eggplant parmigiana panini, while Gordon enjoyed the Italian panini with soup and salad. And then we hit the road again...

Somewhere in Vermont, we passed a very old, very slow pick-up truck!

More in the next post...


  1. Lucky You!
    I love Massachussett! Enjoy your vacation by the seashore!

  2. Feels like I'm on the trip with you. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Glad you're going to the sea. Who takes care of la ménagerie?

  4. I have enjoyed reading your blog...
    greetings from wales UK

  5. I dont mean to be disrespectful
    jesus was abandoned on my land on boxing day

    hence the name!

  6. Not disrespectful at all! I think it's an excellent name. That said, I'm quite the heathen... :)


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