Thursday, May 20, 2010

The ladies

The ladies are always eager to get out of their coop in the morning, however they are no longer allowed to free-range unless we are out there with them, because I'm tired of losing chickens to coyotes and the neighbours' dog(s).

Gordon finished a sturdy but unattractive outside run for them. The ladies are locked in the coop by sunset, because this run would not survive a predator determined to spend a long time digging underneath it, and it just has bird netting on top. However, the ladies seem to like it. They have killed the grass, spread the gravel (that was in a thin band up against the barn) over two-thirds of the coop, and are digging holes to dust-bathe in. They are also patently ignoring the delicata squash I tossed in there for them.

Not to worry, that black one in a heap on the ground is dust-bathing, not dead!

Last Sunday, the girls got to run free all day, as we were outside gardening with them. Anastasia looks quite pleased with herself:


  1. Well it's good they will be safe from predators in the run. I;m sure one was giving me the eye... Damn I need help!

  2. Anonymous5:06 pm

    OH, how sad that your neighbour's dog and the coyotes get your chickens. It must hurt you every time that happens. Hopefully they stay safe inside their protective barrier.

  3. I love how chickens strut!

  4. Anonymous7:35 am

    Looks like very good lodging for your girls. Neighbor's dog ought to be chasing away coyotes instead of messing with your chickens!

  5. Loved the chickens, the closeup is my favorite shot!

  6. Jams, you are too funny!! :))

    Paula, the girls seem secure now, thank goodness. We are getting more chicks in July.

    WanderingCat, chickens have a lot of 'tude!

    Marylee, I agree with you on the neighbour's dog. Our dogs are very good at chasing off coyotes and dogs, but they have to be outside to do it. They are pampered farm dogs and are often in my office with me.

    Thanks, Eileen! Nice to see you!


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