Monday, September 06, 2010

The young'uns

My oh my! The young'uns had their first free-range outing on Friday and I took about a zillion photos. They also got to meet the big hens. There were a couple of kerfuffles but nothing serious. We will moving the little ones into the big coop soon, but we're letting everyone mingle outside first.

The youngsters soon found the nice new dirt laid down by the landscapers after they cut down a tree near our garage (I am going to expand the flower bed here!)

That's Penelope Pigeonator in front, with Errol Flynn just behind here, Buttercup ducking out of site, and Georgiana, Duchess of Devonsire in the back!

Buttercup enjoys a dirtbath. It still smells faintly of composted manure!

Look! They're all the same colour. Sophie was hunting for chicken poop to snack on. Ugh!

Tina Turner, all fluffed out and relaxed.

Two roosters and a cute chick: Errol Flynn, Buttercup, and Lord Gaga.

Lord Gaga seems to have a real thing for Buttercup. They cuddled together a lot!

Buttercup displays her sexy feathered leg.

But feckless, unfaithful Lord Gaga is busy deflowering Tina Turner!! This was the first incident of carnal chicken relations* witnessed on our farm. For shame!

(*Unless you count the hen-on-hen action occasionally seen in the coop.)

After the deflowering, Tina Turner needed a long nap.

Errol Flynn is turning out to be quite a mellow guy. He is also the largest of the young'uns at this point, but I'm pretty sure Lord Gaga is the alpha male.

Penelope and friends enjoy the setting sun.

Tristan, with Phyllis Diller and Errol Flynn. He is the chicken-guardian extraordinaire.

The neighbouring soybean field at sunset.

Dogs, chickens, and our century homestead! One day we'll have a proper farm pick-up truck instead of a little red Mazda. Still, you can fit plenty o' feed bags in that trunk!

The glamourous Phyllis Diller. I'm pretty sure now she's not a Phill.

More chicken pics tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful chicken pics!! I love Buttercup's legs! Aren't chickens just so much fun to watch?

    What do you mean "hen-on-hen action" - the hens try to get with other hens????? Or is it just a fight? I guess we always have had roosters, our hens get enough action without resorting to bizarre activities!!! The hens do have their own pecking order, that's for sure!

    That's funny, Lord Gaga got so excited about being out free-ranging that he had to get busy with Tina Turner! Did the roosters crow alot on Friday?


  2. Beautiful pictures and chickens! Chickens are so fun to watch and take pictures of. :~)

  3. I'm in love with your chicken soap operas.

  4. Oh Lynn, the chickens make us so happy. A constant source of amusement!

    I was being rude with the hen-on-hen comment... but yes, occasionally they get it on! Until now, there have been no roosters, so I suspect it's just the dominant hens having their way with the hens further down the pecking order! But then my girl dog humps my boy dog, so who knows what goes in their little animal brains?!

    Lord Gaga is not very loyal to his Lady Buttercup! And as a matter of fact, there has been more crowing lately.

  5. Thank you, Chicken Keepers. If I'd known how fun chickens were, I would have gotten them ages ago!

    Lindsay, I'm glad you enjoy the stories. They really do have little soap operas going on in the barn!


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