Saturday, September 11, 2010

Of kitties, bees and a lost dog

Way too busy around here and I'm not keeping up with anything! But on a happy note, that little lost dog I posted about over a week ago has been found, safe and sound (but a little skinnier.) I still can't believe he's alive. He survived a week out in the farm fields and forest, with coyotes and foxes and fishers, not to mention a busy road near by! During that time we had a heat wave with the humidex over 40C, and then the worst thunderstorm I've seen all summer. Somehow he managed to make it through the week and was found at the farm next to the one where he disappeared. I was so relieved to hear he'd been reunited with his owners, as I was sure this wasn't going to have a happy ending.

Today we are extracting honey. I'll take lots of photos for a blog post! And I got my first honeybee sting yesterday. I was nowhere near the hives but managed to step on some poor bee-girl on the lawn. She got me on the bottom of my big toe. I am pleased to report that I am definitely not allergic to bee venom, which would not have boded well for my career as a beekeeper.

And here are some cute photos of the lovebirds, Alex and Naomi. Hard to believe I vacuumed that couch just yesterday...

"May we help you?"

"Yes, I'd like to read that SkyNews magazine you're lying on!"

(Yawn!) "That's nice, cat-mummy, but I don't see any magazine."


PS: Anastasia's eye seems to be pretty much completely healed. I'm so relieved!


  1. Oh, Natalie! You've made my day! I'm so glad little Chubby Checkers was found. What a wonderful end to a potentially sad "tail"! :)

  2. That's good news. As for Alex and Naomi, it looks like a marriage made in heaven... or something like that!

  3. The first day out!!
    that white hen looks remarkably like a glove puppet!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'm so glad the little dog was found. What a story he could tell.

  5. I still can't believe Chubby was found alive. It's just great news. His family is so happy.

    John, he does indeed look like a glove puppet!


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