Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My friend suggested I rename the rooster Phyllis Diller as "Sam", because he looks like Samuel Beckett. I have to agree:

But I kind of like "Beckett" because we have a young friend named Sam who might be less than thrilled to have a nerdy rooster named after him. :)


  1. No, no.... no roosters may be named Beckett. No. That name has been retired.

  2. You may name him Beckett with a P, though. Peckett. Samuel Peckett.

  3. Oh! goodness me....I hope it will not sing something like Les Mirlitonnades-à-la-beckett.(Gloomy French Doggerels)

    Sleep till death
    come ease
    this life disease.

    Vivre est une maladie dont le sommeil nous soulage toutes les seize heures. C'est un palliatif. La mort est le remède.

    And so on....
    Happy Cocorico in your henhouse!

  4. Nothing is sacred. I know a rooster named Jesus.

  5. Indeed Claude, indeed. Beckett is far too morose a character to have a rooster named after him! La mort est le remède indeed!!!

  6. This is the best look a like. How about Godot, you'll never be waiting again!


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