Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One special kitty!

On Saturday night, we went to a dinner party to celebrate the 20th (TWENTIETH!) birthday of one special cat, Domino. She belongs to my friend Ronna.

Instead of a birthday card, I did a little painting for Domino. The other guests brought her a bouquet of fresh catnip and a fun mouse-on-a-wand cat toy!

(If you want to see pics of Domino as a youngster, visit Ronna's blog.)

We had a great evening chez Ronna!

Every day, Domino gets a cup of tea with an ice cube in it to cool it off. I like to think she owes her longevity to the tea (since I drink so much of it myself) but I know it's really the tender loving care she gets from Ronna!

Hard to believe I'd had nothing alcoholic to drink!

Would that I could say the same for Gordon...

...who was also suffering from jet lag. He came straight from the airport after spending a week in Lithuania at a conference! He gamely stayed awake until 10:00 pm.

Here I am feeding Domino some of my chicken. I figure that any cat who makes it to 20 years of age can darn well eat at the table with the humans!

Ronna made an awesome and delicious Domino-kitty cake, which we all enjoyed!

Miss Domino needed a little help from Mommy when it came time to blow out the candles.

She enjoyed making the rounds of the guests' laps!

And then she and I had a post-dinner nap. Zzzzzzz!


Here's to a wonderful cat! May she have many more happy birthdays.


  1. Great post Natalie! Domino is right here at the computer (as she always is) and also liked what you did. She says, "Meow" (where's da chicken, Auntie Nat?

  2. What a lucky kitty - my Peno is so jealous!

  3. I swear you and Evil Gordini are both certifiably nuts.

    The chickens are officially running the asylum!

  4. Aww what a handsome old fellow! May he see many more birthdays

  5. Wow... what a long life for a kitteh!! :) happy birthday Domino!!

  6. Great photos of Dommie's birthday!
    Looks like the birthday kitty was not the only one having a swell time!

  7. What a sweet kitty! And what a fun bunch of party animals! :)

  8. A tiny tiny bit I am with Chef Nick.

    On the other hand: You've got to party when you can, hm?

    I had once the pleasure to meet a certain Jenkins who was 23. Amazing. Cats as cats can.

  9. Nat, this was the most adorable post! I loved that first picture with the birthday hat and cake - amazing, 20 years! Lucky Domino!

    And no, I don't see any evidence of alcoholic influence in the photos. None whatsoever.

  10. I still maintain that Gordini is evil. You know, Stalin wore funny hats too . . . and smiled while he massacred peasants!

    Of course, no vodka was involved, like Karen says.

    None whatsoever!

    Kitties kitties kitties . . . if Brigitte didn't like her leather couches so much I WOULD GET A MAINE COON.

  11. 20 years? That's one healthy cat! May Domino have a long, vibrant life.

  12. Happy b-day to Domino! That's one old cat! She must get very good care!

  13. I am so behind on the comments!!

    Thanks you guys!

    Sean, 23 is an incredible age for a cat.

    Karen, she's a really sweet kitty.

    Nick, Brigitte Schmigitte... you guys NEED a Maine Coon!

    Domino and her mommy, Ronna, thank you for the good wishes!

  14. Ahab, thanks for visiting!

  15. What a great post.


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