Saturday, September 04, 2010

Lost dog near Glen Roy/Alexandria, Ontario

UPDATE: Chubby was found safe and sound, a week after he was lost. Hooooray!


My friend has lost her dog, very close to our farm. It's a long shot, but if anyone sees him, the contact info is below, or you can email me. Thanks. Feel free to forward the info to anyone you think might be able to help!


My name is Chubby Checkers and I’m lost. I got out of my harness and ran away on the evening of September 1st. I am not wearing a collar as my Mom gave me a bath the day before and forgot to put it back on. I am shy around new people but, I don’t bite. I am white with a little bit of tan on my back and ears. I weigh about 18 lbs. My people want me back but I ran away in Glen Roy on County Road 25, which is pretty far from my home in Alexandria. (I ran into the wooded area behind on the north side of the road not far from the intersection of County Rd. 25 and Glen Roy Road.)

If you find me or spot me please call my family as I miss them. My Mom’s number is 613-525-1466 and her email is
My Auntie Jan’s phone # is 613-525-4685
My friend Judy’s phone is 613-525-2053 (She lives closest to where I got lost.) Please help. I am the beloved pet of one sad family!


  1. sorry bout the doggie!

    but i was answering your sick hen post....
    is she walking ok>?

    is she shakey?

    hens can injure their eyes but usually do not looked slouched unless quite ill

    she may have had a little stroke....( hens run on very high blood pressures)

    let me know

  2. Anonymous11:43 am

    Any word on Chubby yet? This distresses me so...


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