Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The first day out

More photos from Friday's adventure, the chicks' first day out free-ranging..

Buttercup snuggles into Lord Gaga. Poor Buttercup, if only she knew she were about to be betrayed, spurned in favour of the lascivious Tina Turner! (See yesterday's post for THAT photo.)

Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, works the funky 'do!

Chickens and a zero-turn Bush Hog mower... what more does a boy need? Well, I suppose a cold beer would be nice.

Lord Gaga is stepping out!

Buttercup and Phyllis Diller meet for the first time, with a minimum of violence!

"Buttercup, I promise to be true to you for all eternity. Or at least until that sexy Tina lies down in the dirt and lets me at her!"

Chicky, the runt of our original flock, has come over to investigate. She's no doubt hoping that some of the new ones will be further down the pecking order than she is!

"Hi, Auntie Ronna!"

(Chicky is my friend Ronna's favourite hen. Chicky is a survivor!

Freeeee! We're freeeeeee!

Phyllis Diller, part Silkie but all gorgeous. Actually, I'm still not 100% she's a girl.

Georgiana rocks her hair!

And looks for bugs.

Sigh... my babies are growing up!


  1. I'm sure I saw all their cousins at the Perth Fair this past weekend!

  2. No doubt you did! :)


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