Thursday, January 18, 2007


By the way, I figured out the "Another day, another dose of darlingness". I am a little slow. That phrase was in one of my own posts about baby robins last spring. Duh!

But now, WOODPECKERS! Yesterday, being unspeakably cold, brought out every bird under the sun. They were going nuts at the feeders. I took some less-than-fantastic photos through our bedroom window.

Here we have Mr. Handsome Devil (unless it's the girl; I can't tell in this shot) hairy woodpecker on the suet feeder, and the "This photo doesn't do it justice" northern flicker on the ground, eating the suet bits Mr. Handsome Devil is dropping on the ground:

But is gets better. The pileated woodpecker showed up right outside the window. He was giving himself (herself?) a very nice preening:

Suddenly, the hairy woodpecker makes an appearance. They surprised each other as the hairy rounded the tree. The blue jay watched from below:

Then the hairy went further up the tree. They seemed to be scolding each other:

This was the highlight of my day! Yes, you may think me pathetic but I thought it was amazing to see woodpecker-o-rama right outside the window. Too bad my pictures weren't better.

There were some interesting prints in the snow under the big feeder. I think some of the birds were having trouble in the deep snow:

And now, back to your fabulously exciting lives! It's considerably warmer today, and we are getting more snow tonight and tomorrow. Yesssss! The Weather Gods are at last smiling upon my winter-deprived self.

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  1. What a cool bird show! I love the 'jay.


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