Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Oh yes, it's winter!

Oh my, I do so love interesting weather! I really missed the extremes when I was living in BC, although that said, those poor west coast saps are getting hammered this season. Figures that doesn't happen until I leave! They simply aren't equipped to deal with that much snow. Here the roads are plowed almost instantly after a snowfall. I am quite impressed. I can't get a family doctor in Quebec, but man, those potholed roads sure are clear of snow!

Of course the most "interesting" weather event I have lived through thus far was Hurricane Juan, which hit Nova Scotia in 2003. We lived in Prospect Village at the time, which was well and truly hammered. We were lucky only to have some damage to our dock. The eye of the storm passed directly over our house. I can still remember that vividly. My husband SLEPT THROUGH IT while I huddled by a radio with a cat and a candle.

But back to today. When I got up this morning, it was -34C at 7 am, or -29 F, according to my outdoor thermometer. This is what cold looks like. I love the pinkish glow in the early morning sky:

My first hint that it was unusually cold was the ice on the insides of our windows:

Julius the cat, being no idiot, knows what to do when it's this cold:

And when you've had enough stretching and napping, there's always eating:

(The fountain/feeding get-up was brought home by Daddy one day.)

Zoë doesn't have a particularly good opinion of cold weather either. Fortunately she has plenty of fat reserves to keep her warm (but she is losing weight on her new post-Mashka diet/exercise regime):

Yes, I think perhaps I shall forgo my walk today and join Julius on the couch! But I am so happy to have winter weather to whine about again. Yaaaay!


  1. Julius does seem to have THE plan for dealing with winter weather.

  2. Zoe is looking quite svelte!

    If you need to borrow a dog who will keep you warm, I have a candidate. ;-)

  3. Zoe is hiding her bulk in that photo. :) And I would LOVE to borrow Ruthie! She'd probably have a blast in the snow, if she hasn't become to Californianized!


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