Friday, January 12, 2007


Wait, this isn't winter. This is a chickadee at the feeder last weekend. Note the GRASS, not snow in the background.

Here's another one. They are so damn cute!

But this morning, voila! Winter in the front yard:

Winter in the backyard:

Winter on the lake down the road:

All they have been talking about on CBC radio this week is how there has been no winter in Canada this year (unless you're one of the poor saps in BC!) But apparently the tide is finally turning and starting Sunday, we are going to be getting cold temps across the country, and some more snow here in the Outaouais! I am glad. I moved here from BC for the SNOW, fer cryin' out loud. I have snowshoes and skates and cross-country skis to purchase... yeessh!

Happy weekend to all, and stay warm wherever you are.

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  1. I love chickadees and their little beep-beeps as they come to the feeders. They're one of my favorites. Beautiful pictures, and I'm so excited about your snow. It's been a balmy 75 degrees here today in eastern NC, but I'd love to have some snow. Have always wanted to try snow-shoeing.


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