Thursday, January 04, 2007

Miscellaneous photos

I finally cleaned up all the crap on the desktop of my Mac, and I bring to you some of the photos I found. It is possible I have posted some of these before, but I have a 14-second memory, so if they are already on this blog, I am oblivious to that fact!

Mashka and Zoë in a cat sandwich! March, 2006:

Me and my dog Chelsea, fall 1989. Yes, I did knit that sweater! Chelsea was just two years old here. She died in August 2003.

Me talking back to my friend Phyllis' dog, Ginger, who obviously thought I was deranged:

After we moved to BC, we had to stay at the Sutton Place for a month at the government's (G's employer) expense. Such hardship. Our dog Tara (1992 - 2006) was with us and she got a LOT of attention, particularly from the doormen, who lavished her with love and dog cookies. Here she is, abusing the couch in our suite.

She wasn't allowed on the furniture. Can you tell?

Gordon and his babies, Mashka and Zoë, December 2005. This was before Mashka was diagnosed with kidney failure. She was still nicely plump.

There ya go. Happy New Year! My resolution this year is to lose NO MORE PETS!

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  1. Anonymous3:02 pm

    I took that photo of Nat and Ginger and it's one of my favorites!!! Ginger had been making the same faces as Nat, but then stopped just in time to make Nat look silly and Ginger look like an angel, which she definitely is *not.* I love this picture! Phyllis


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