Monday, January 15, 2007

Cardinal sighting

Yes, I know that cardinals are hardly rare around here, but I hadn't seen any since I lived in Ontario in 1998. Thus I was thrilled late last week when this guy showed up at my feeder. He was back this morning, and I have for you two not-so-hot pictures, shot through my office window in a driving snowstorm this morning.

One of us, the one who has not buggered off to Sydney, Cape Breton on business for four days and left his wife alone with a plastic snowshovel, (and who has still not lined up someone to plough out our dang driveway/roadway) will be shovelling the 300-foot driveway/roadway today so that one of us, the one not in Nova Scotia on business until Thursday, can get the car out of the driveway this week!

But the cardinal is beautiful! I never get tired of watching the birds.

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  1. we had cardinals nesting in our yard in nebraska. i always liked the look of them in the snow. no cardinals here in california,alas. or snow, not so alas.


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