Saturday, January 27, 2007

Score! And this and that...

My wonderful friend Eileen sent me a box of novelty yarn yesterday! I don't think she knew beforehand how much I love this stuff. What a great surprise. Eileen is the most generous person I know, and when we moved to BC, she made us feel so welcome, and went out of her way to show us around our new community and introduce us to people. She has always been someone you can count on. We miss her and her beau Gary a lot. We have to make them visit Quebec, although perhaps not right now (it was -29C last night. I don't think Eileen would approve!) Eileen is more a 35C type of gal, not MINUS 35 C.

Eileen works part-time at Michael's craft store. I am wildly jealous of her employee discount! Thank you Eileen, for such a wonderful surprise. I love getting parcels in the mail.

On another note, I woke up the other morning worrying about Steve Irwin's daughter, Bindi Sue. I have no idea why, since I don't even know her. I just get the sense that she is not taking the time she needs to grieve the loss of her Dad. Why I would wake up with this on my mind, I have no clue. Perhaps I have been watching too much TV lately.

On another note, definitely NOT related to Bindi Sue, there is erotic poetry on our fridge. A while back, the hubby got me a set of that magnetic poetry stuff, in the "Erotic" category. I also have "dog" poetry from my friend Phyllis, but I am thinking that mixing the two categories would result in some sort of literary bestiality, so I will do my best to avoid that.

I did not crack open the erotic poetry box until we moved here, simply because I lived in fear of my in-laws seeing rude and suggestive words on our fridge. They would not approve. But since they are now several hundred kilometres away, and we have no kids who might be affected, we have taken the plunge. I will take care to clear the fridge before the next visit of the 'rents!

First, the freezer door. I would hasten to add that much of what is on our fridge is on the side, and much of what is on our fridge was not purchased by me, especially the rude and bizarre stuf. I wouldn't want anyone to think that I have a twisted sense of humour. No indeed. Of course, my friends KNOW I have a twisted sense of humour, and thus they buy me these things:

The "tea" magnet says everything you need to know about my motto for living. The cat magnet frames a pic of our dear, recently-departed Mashka. The fridge is a cheap thing we bought for this rental house we're living in. I want fancy-schmancy kitchen appliances when we buy our farm. Until we moved here, I never knew you could buy a dishwasher for $199!

These are cat-butt magnets (and a hairball magnet.) Now, why would anyone buy me these? Gee, I wonder. Plus I got a cat-butt air freshener for Christmas as well. I sense a theme. I in fact now own TWO cat-butt air fresheners (which smell like hyacinth, not poo), given to me by TWO different friends. These magnets were given by a third friend. I think my friends all know me a little too well.

Here is the current erotic poetry. Can you guess which one of us wrote it?

Finally, here is a very bored cat who thinks the fruit basket is a cat basket. He is bored because it has been too cold for him to go outside to his kitty palace. He looks slightly pissed off at being disturbed by the camerawoman:

"I vant to be alone!"

I think I've said enough for one day, and I truly hope all the "erotic" words in the post don't attract porn spammers. Goodness!


  1. I, too, have the cat butt magnets. I also have horsebutt magnets, a moosebutt magnet and a lovely magnet made of rabbit poo. The "Butt Collections" reside on the dog's freezer, but the bunny poo magnet has place of honor on the "people fridge". Anyone who takes the time to harvest, cure, sculpt and shellac bunny turds really does deserve the recognition of having their work of art displayed prominently!!

  2. Oh my, I am not worthy of your astounding collection!!!!

    I agree, the bunny poo magnet deserves a place of honour. Maybe it's time for me to shellac some of my gecko's poop!


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