Thursday, September 28, 2006

Walk in the rain

I would put these in the chronological order of my walk, but I find that a real PITA to do in Blogger. So let us begin anyway. Today I took a walk in the rain. I do this walk almost every day, although sometimes I'll go in the opposite direction from our house.

Our weenie chemin ("road" for the French-impaired) comes out onto this bigger road. Thus begins my walk. I concentrate hard to make sure I don't become roadkill, as the speed limit is 70 kmph here. Or maybe 90 kmph. Everyone drives at 90 anyway! The bright side is that there is hardly any traffic, especially at the time of day I'm walking (waaay over on the shoulder!)

It would really, really annoy me to become roadkill when I am so happy with my life. REEEEALLY annoy me.

Sumac, and some purple wildflowers I know not the name of!

Another shot of the winding road. I stay especially far over on the shoulder on these blind curves. Today I brought home a caterpillar on my jeans. I imagine I picked him up in the tall grass I was slogging through to avoid the minivan going by at 140 kmph.

Virginia creeper standing out. I do love this time of year, and no offense to my west coast friends, but here it doesn't rain EVERY SINGLE DAY in the autumn. Most of this week was sunny and beautiful. Yes, you'll all be laughing at me when I am marooned at home in nine feet of snow with no power, but for now, neener neener neener!

Okay, so this is the END of the walk. Our house and the garage. The log things piled on the right were delivered by our landlord Andre yesterday. He is lining the driveway with them to stop people driving onto the septic field on the right. Don't laugh. The delivery truck with our appliances on it would have parked on it had Andre not been there to stop them! And thus would have ended the useful life of our septic field.

The log things? Andre (the one who had the kidney transplant a few months back) cut down the trees and milled the lumber himself. I should be so productive.

Back to the walk. This is Lac/Lake Donaldson, about ten minutes down the road. Some days it looks just spectacular in the sunlight. I have heard loons here several times (sort of like at home, where Gordon hears a loon every time I open my mouth. Ar ar ar!)

More Lac/Lake Donaldson. Yes, I was wearing a rain jacket! But I am not afraid of rain. Especially after living in a rainforest.

Oops, back home. This is the maple by our well, which is in an earlier photo on this blog. Now you can see it is fully clothed in splendiforous (how do spell that?) autumn colour. As soon as we clear a space, that damn garden furniture is going in the garage!

And back to our walk!

Okay. this is the bit of water our house backs onto. It's sort of the end of the lake we're on, although turns into a river. Out on the main road there is bridge, on which I stood to take this shot. Our place is a bit beyond those white things on the water, to the right (but you can't see it.) We kayak here! And beavers keep trying to build a dam under the bridge.

This is our dock. The water level on the lake has risen, and the dock is almost sunk. But Industrious Andre has built us a whole new floating dock, which he has brought over but won't install until after the spring thaw. Which should come in June, right?

That differently-coloured square of road is the bridge I was standing on. It is covered in plywood, which frankly doesn't instill much confidence in me as to its safety OR winter survivability. We shall see. There is a weight restriction on the bridge for trucks. We think our moving van exceeded it. OOPS!

The view on the other side of the bridge! We've been kayaking down here, and kingfishers frequent the area.

I like it here. A LOT! Have I mentioned that lately?


  1. Hmmmm ... been looking for somewhere to go ... someone to visit...

  2. Book your room now! :))) But I would suggest that February is not the best time to visit.

  3. Ok, so there is someplace else as beautiful as the West Coast! But I have to tell you that it has been sunny here all week too! Its still shorts & T.s weather here. nananana nah nah

  4. Anonymous11:40 pm

    It's beautiful, Knat!


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