Friday, September 15, 2006

Today's offerings

A mixed bag! We have...

...another shot of the inmates in the car.

... the weathered, beaver-gnawed stump of a tree in our yard. I wonder why they didn't move it after going to all the effort of knocking it down? Perhaps they were rare lazy-ass beavers, instead of the usual busy ones.

... a shot taken at the top of Lake Superior somewhere. I think we were on our way to Schreiber, Ontario at the time. I happen to think that stretch along Superior is just beautiful. And yes, I will do a whole website about the drive! I have many pictures, and look forward (NOT) to uploading them with my dial-up connection.

All is quiet here in cottage country. Something knocked down my suet feeder last night and ate every last smidgen of suet. I had a feeling that was going to happen! So far I have only seen chickadees, blue jays, goldfinches and mourning doves at my feeders. All very lovely (chickadees are my favourite birds) but I am hoping something more exotic will show up soon.

There were two juvenile green herons hunting on our lawn all day yesterday. They still have baby fluff on their heads and are very cute and pretty. One of the nice things about being on a lake is that you get all the water birds as well as the "land" birds.

We have satellite TV now. That's a first for us and we're enjoying it. But I do think they have some nerve calling a station "BBC Canada" when half the shows on it are Canadian shows I can get on other channels. What the hell does THAT have to do with BBC or England, I ask you? However, I do now get Animal Planet, which makes me veddy veddy happy.

I had a whole phone conversation in French yesterday (I find it harder to speak/understand French on the phone than in person.) I'm sure it was quite painful for the woman listening to me, but my French was actually better than her English, so we stayed in French. I am so rusty after not speaking it for 13 years! I need practice, and more lessons. Zut alors! I hope I didn't accidentally say something like "Yes, I am a man under this dress!"

Julius (the orange cat) is being very weird. He spent all day in our boxspring yesterday. He has in fact been spending all his days lately hidden away in our bedroom, sleeping. He's not even making any attempts to escape into the great outdoors. Physically he seems fine, so we are wondering if he's depressed, or traumatized over the new house, or who knows what? Also there seems to have been some change in the cat superiority order. Julius, who was rarely allowed on the bed before by the girlie cats, now rules our bed and chases off the girls when it pleases him! Even poor old Mashka, who used to knock Julius right off our bed, has taken to scampering off like a weenie when she sees Julius on his mattress throne. She has been sleeping on the office futon at night. A new world order amongst our kitties!Very strange. But Zoe is happier than I've seen her in ages. I will never, ever understand cats. Give me a good old dog anytime. I can read them like a book.


  1. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Hey Knat, I'm glad to see you're settling in so easily. And hey, it may be painful but we want more photos!

    Sharon, Bandit & Kona

  2. Anonymous8:47 am

    I'm wondering if orange kitty just isn't used to her new surroundings. Cats have a much harder time adjusting to moves than dogs do. Don't know though 'cause you've done this before. Good luck, and I love your pictures. Keep 'em coming.


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