Thursday, September 07, 2006

Road Trip - the cats

Here they are, stuffed in the back of the Mazda hatchback, all sleeping peacefully (not that you can see Julius or Zoe! )Mashka is 15 and goes nuts in a crate, so she gets to be free-range in the car. She spent almost the entire trip in the spot she is in in this picture. They were all good as gold, sleeping up to ten hours a day in the car with nary a peep.

This is how we stopped Zoe and Julius from tunnelling into the boxspring every night like they did on the last road trip. It worked a dream, and I believe I have my little brother's Mom Liz to thank for the idea of using drawers to block off the bed (along with our copious amounts of luggage!)

That's Gordon's foot resting in the bottom right, and this was one of several Comfort Inns we frequented along the way. Mashka is ensconced on the bed, as per usual.

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  1. Amazing. Simply amazing. You are the Cat Master.


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