Monday, September 04, 2006

I have a home again!

Well! Not only do I have a home again, but I have some free dial-up and it's actually not as horrifically painful as I remember. I may survive without cable after all!

We are all moved and in four days, managed to unpack all our boxes (which may give you an indication of how small our house is.) I LOVE this place. If only it were slightly bigger, on 50 acres instead of five, and if only we owned it, I'd never move again.

Essentially we are in what is a mix of farm country and cottage country. We are next to a small lake which winds around the back of the house like a river. I heard a loon yesterday! (No, not Gordon. A real one.)

It is DEAD quiet here, and pitch dark at night, which for me is a dream. The house is really sweet and all the furniture fit in perfectly. The kitchen is a lot bigger than our one in BC and it's nice not to be bumping into Gordon all the time. Also we have a ton of closet space! The landlord has been here every day since we moved in, continuing to work on stuff outside. He's a nice man and a hard worker (and he just had a frigging kidney transplant this spring, so this is his "slow" pace!) He put new wooden railings all around the front and back porches. He put a new concrete floor in the garage. He is going to spread new gravel on the driveway. The whole place has been renovated and it's so nice.

Our appliances AND our telephone service showed up Friday, so we are almost back to normal. Just need to get the satellite TV set up and we're done. I can only get cell phone service here if I stand on top of the septic field or at the end of the driveway!

My French is not as rusty as I thought, but I definitely need to practice more. I can understand it fine, but my vocabulary needs some work.

Okay, au revoir for now! I need some breakfast. I will get some pictures up soon.


  1. Welcome home, woman! It must feel good to stop moving and settle.

  2. Congratulations - it sounds wonderful!


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