Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Our new house! Really it's a cottage, but the owners have completely renovated it. It is very cozy and bright, and it's set on five acres. Since this photo was taken, Andre (our landlord) has added handrails to the stairs. He still has some things he wants to do outside, like spreading fresh gravel on the parking area, putting siding on the garden shed, and building a replica of the Taj Mahal on the septic field (just kidding about the last one.) He is extremely industrious, despite having had a kidney transplant earlier this year.

This is our handcrafted, one-of-a-kind number sign. Place your orders now! We put it up so that the movers and various delivery people could find us. We do plan to get a more permanent sign, as I don't expect the box top to do very well in a Quebec winter.

Our dock. Andre has plans to repair it, but I like it already! And so do the five billion frogs who live here.

I think we are going to buy kayaks this weekend, so we can get some kayaking in before it's too cold.

I remember why I hated dial-up so much. It took a frigging eternity to load these photos to Blogger. Ah, the price I pay for tranquility. As for my cell phone, I can only get reception, sketch at that, if I stand on the septic field. BUT I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, Wendy!)

Remind me of this in January.


  1. Cute, cute, cute!!! I love your new digs. And yes, we will ask you how you feel about it in January.

  2. I love your new place, especially the dock and the very nice pond. The cottage looks very cozy. Do you have a fireplace too for those cold winter nights? My idea of tranquility as well!

  3. Alas, no fireplace. The one thing it lacks, in my opinion. I'd love a good woodstove up there. We'll have to curl up by the electric baseboard heating!

    And it's not actually a pond, although it looks like one in the pic (complete with lily pads!)It's the bit where the lake narrows... don't know what you call that. Initially I thought it was a river, but really it's just part of the lake we're on! It's obviously pretty tranquil there or we wouldn't have lily pads.

    When we build a house (as it looks like we will do now) it is going to have a honking big woodstove.

  4. Jenna2:18 pm

    Knat...I love your new digs! 5 acres...whatever will you do with all that land?? Trails? Hiking? Biking? Animals galore?
    Jenna (just popping in here and there)


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