Thursday, September 07, 2006


This beautiful old girl showed up on Monday. Gordon and I went for a short walk, and she came out of nowhere and followed us home. She settled down on the porch and wouldn't leave! Gordon ended up taking her around to every house and cottage in the area and no one knew her. She had a collar but no tags, of course. Very frustrating.

She was well-trained (beautiful manners), and obviously cared for, with a brushed coat and gorgeous white teeth. We figured she had to be lost, not dumped. Gordon called the SPCA on Tuesday morning and they came and picked her up in a nice red minivan. The woman on the phone told Gordon that dogs are constantly getting lost up here in cottage country, and that they usually get picked up within three days, and if not, it would be no problem adopting her out if she had a nice temperament (and she does.)

And before you all start, we have "no dogs" in our lease right now!!! She did spend the night, and she was very good with the kitties, but I am going to get a dog when we move into our own home. But she was a beautiful girl and we gave her a lot of loving. I hope she was reunited with her parents quickly. And she seemed to speak English, not French, which furthers the cottage dog theory (people from Ottawa have cottages around here. Most of the people living in this area are Francophones.)

Here is a self-portrait from our road trip. I had to wait for a straight stretch of road so that the camera wouldn't slide off the dashboard!


  1. Since you're in a rental, is it possible that he belonged to the people who lived there before you? That he got loose somehow during the move and came back to what was hi s home?

    Just a random thought . . .

  2. Good thought, but this house has been vacant for months, as they have been renovating it. Plus we took her to our landlords' place and they didn't recogize her. But it would have made a lot of sense!!!

  3. That pup needed to stay with you. To hell with the "No dogs" on the lease!


  4. Oh nonononono! I need an aging female dog like I need a hole in the head. Plus I am sure she was lost, not dumped. She looked so well cared-for, and had such a lovely disposition!


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