Sunday, April 16, 2006

Robin on the nest

Can you spot the robin? Unfortunately a little widget broke off our good digital SLR, so I'm having to use our little digital camera and I am having troubles with light balance, so it's hard to get a good pic of this. And I don't want to freak out Miz Robin with the flash!

Last year, I had the guy who runs our local birding supply place build me a lovely cedar robin nesting shelf. We positioned it high on the wall on our front porch, nice and sheltered under the roof. So what happened? A pair of robins built a nest in the $7 pansy pot situated about 12 feet away from the lovely cedar robin nesting shelf! However, the pot is right next to my office window, so I can watch the goings-on from my computer. Excellent, or should I say, egg-cellent!

I think Mama just laid her eggs in the past couple of days as she is only now sitting on the nest in earnest. The pink outline shows her tail just sticking up out of the pot. I am going to work on getting some better pictures!


  1. Hey, I can see....the dead Christmas tree in the driveway across the street.

  2. And rain ... wet streets ... does it rain there, did you say?

  3. Now you have a dilemma: Do you water the plant and risk harming the babies, or do you not water the plant and risk letting it die? I had some doves make a nest in one of my favorite hanging plants a few years ago and, *sigh*, sacrificed the plant.

  4. Well, here's the thing. If I don't water it at all, the pansies will die back and she will be completely exposed! Right now she is nicely hidden. So I am thinking I will give it just the minimum water to keep it alive, maybe just around the edges. She;ll be more of a sitting duck otherwise!!!

    The things I have to worry about, as an expectant robin-grandmother or whatever I am.


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