Thursday, April 06, 2006

My latest handiwork

I present to you my latest rug-hooking creation, Kitten in Knittin’, which I finished the other day. It's not particularly large, about 11" x 15", but it was fast and fun. It's not bound yet; that's the rug warp (white) showing around the edges.


  1. As always, I bow before your amazing talent!!
    Love the mice in the background!

  2. Another beautiful piece! Y'know, I'd be a lot ruder to you if you weren't so talented...

  3. Beautiful, Knat. I love the whole thing, but I'm fascinated by the balls of yarn. How'd you DO that?

  4. I used casserole-dyed wool for the most part (lot of gradations in the wool) and I shadowed each "yarn strand" with a line of a darker wool. Glad you like it!


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